Performance management software is an on-demand SaaS system that lets an organization process and standardize appraisals of employees and managers. Ideally, it is an opportunity for managers to clarify employee work expectations, align set personal goals with corporate objectives, share constructive feedback, and identify and develop talent.

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Succession planning and talent management depend on performance management. So, it contributes to continuous improvement, builds relationships, justifies compensation, and rewards employees. Finding affordable software solutions suitable to industry type and size presents some challenges in a market full of available products.


A self-service, fully-automated performance management system, Reviewsnap has 1,200 customers worldwide. Intuitive, dependable, it provides SaaS solutions to improve your organization’s performance management.

A one stop source for performance appraisals, 360° feedbacks, and compensation tracking, Reviewsnap engages employees and management. It improves efficiency with communication and coaching, and seeks to align individual performance with team and organizational goals.

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Penske Racing tried several products before opting for Reviewsnap. They found them difficult to use, and while they continued their legacy paperwork process creating more work and frustration all around.

Collaboration between teams from Penske and Reviewsnap decided to continue use of Penske’s existing review form. And, Reviewsnap would easily integrate with ADP, Penske’s employee portal and payroll system. Both issues enabled a seamless installation.

In addition, the new system generates reminders to managers, thus, saving time. More important, the software allows authorized users to see how managers are meeting their obligations.  As a result, employees are happy performance reviews are done on time and HR is happy to save hours on processing.


The difference between Skillrater and other performance tools is that it is concise and provides specific feedback, less rating and it is based on positive dialogue and feed-forward – all of which reduce rater fatigue and increases respect for the employee.  This has enabled BD Early Career Experience employees to be more likely to give, receive, and request feedback on a more frequent basis.  This is the direction in which BD was moving as it offers an alternative to other, more traditional, 360-degree processes which are long and create a great deal of rater fatigue.

Using Skillrater has been an effective way for BD- ECE associates to reach out quickly to stakeholders and get feedback.  In addition, it provides me and other leaders with access to big data around the star performers and leaders whom we may need to position for specific project assignments in the future.


A global, multi-channel, clothing retailer, Charles Trywhitt needed to upgrade and update its systems for 400 employees. They were tired of what had become a useless system at odds with what they considered their entrepreneurial culture.

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Appraisd gave them what they were looking for in two weeks. Customizable features let them build an approach that employees readily adopted. For example, Appraisd bunches reminders into one email to prompt manager response. Assessment results rate performers to help executive leadership strategize plans and actions.

The software initiates 360° feedback in a process customized with Charles Trywhitt. And, this effectively coaches and monitors line managers into better performance management. It even increases the frequency of reviews by posting objectives for a 15-minute monthly sit-down session between manager and employee.


The global reach of SIRVA® lets …

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